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Gaining insight from your key audiences is easier and more affordable than ever before… just go online.

Online focus groups are an ideal way to conduct research with prospective students, alumni and other geographically dispersed audiences.
Our online focus group clients enjoy:

  • Fast turn-around. The transcripts from online focus groups are available the very next day.

  • Affordability. Virtual groups do not require us to rent focus group facilities, travel or even pay as high of incentives to respondents. This means significant costs savings.

  • In-depth insight. With online focus groups you can delve deep into needs, wants and perceptions. Findings specific to your institution will provide you with the insight to move forward with confidence.

  • Geographic diversity. With in-person focus groups you are limited to including the opinions of respondents from a specific geographic area. Your reach is limitless with online focus groups. Respondents from small or large cities around the world can participate in a single session.

  • No need to travel. Expenses quickly add up when you need to travel to multiple cities to observe in-person focus groups. Our online venue allows you and your colleagues to observe groups—even from the comfort of home.


"There were people from Chicago, Los Angeles and Seattle in our group. Being from a small town in Oregon, I was impressed by how many out-of-state kids are interested in the same school."

A Prospective Student

Get answers to your questions today.

We design studies to meet your objectives, recruit the respondents, host, moderate and manage the sessions, and provide you with a full report with actionable findings. Contact us to learn more about online focus groups.

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