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Debbie Plawner
Julie Johnson
Q & A

We are usually the ones asking the questions, but this time we've answered a few about ourselves.

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

JULIE: Well, it's hard to top Oregon, but I think Italy would be pretty fabulous!

DEBBIE: There's no place like home, but a second home in a small beach town near Ixtapa wouldn't be bad!

What was the best course you took in college?

JULIE: As a researcher I should say Research Methods, but I'd have to say it was Theology of American Cults. It was fascinating!

DEBBIE: The Economics of Oil was a seminar course at Georgetown's School of Foreign Service that brought history, politics and economics together in a way no other course could.

What is your favorite research question and why?

JULIE: "Can you give me an example of how…?" I think hearing a respondent tell a story about how something (an experience with a professor, a study abroad experience, etc.) impacted their life is very powerful and illuminating.

DEBBIE: Brand persona exercise questions. It is exciting to see how brands come to life through the findings from these seemingly quirky questions.


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